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Pop-up forms
Display attractive Pop-up forms for collecting emails. See screenshots and sort on pop-up templates for examples.
Dashboard Subscriber list
Subscriber list in dashboard with great export possibilities.
Display after number of visits
Display the Opt-In form for example when someone visits the page for the second time.
Hide after number of visits
Stop the Opt-In form from displaying when someone has visited the page for a number of times.
Display message
Display a message when someone submits their email.
Display on sub-pages
Make the Opt-In form display on all subpages, not just on a single page.
Slide-in forms
Display beautiful Slide-in forms for collecting emails. See screenshots and sort on slide-in templates for examples.
Display after number of seconds
Make the Opt-In form display after a specified amount of seconds.
Display after scrolling a certain amount
Make the Opt-In form display after the user has scrolled to a certain percentage of the page. Perfect for Slide-ins.
Hide after scrolling above a certain amount
Hide the Opt-In form display when the user has scrolled back below a certain percentage of the page. Complements the display scroll rule.
Go to page
After submitting, the user can be redirected to any page on your site.
Close dialog after number of seconds
After submitting, the form can be automatically closed after a number of seconds.
Dashboard Campaign list
List of all campaigns in the dashboard, with direct editing options, subscriber list and more.
Check MX records for emails
Automatic check for a valid domain in the email, to avoid junk address submissions.
Custom stack and html display
Add any concrete5 stack or custom html to an Opt-In, still keeping the useful Submit actions for collecting emails!
Campaign name
Set a name for each campaign, for easy reference.
Start/end dates
Set a start and end date for each campaign, so you can plan ahead.
Create multiple campaigns
Create any number of campaigns for any page. Use together with campaign dates for long-term planning, or to have a Slide-in and a Pop-up on the same page.
Duplicate campaigns
Duplicate any campaign, to avoid starting from scratch for every new Opt-In campaign!
Group rights for editing campaigns
Set read/write rights for any group or user from the dashboard.
Custom overlay color
Spice up your Pop-up forms with a custom overlay color!
Display on exit intention
Make your Opt-In form appear when the user is about to leave the page.
Send e-mail
Send an email directly when someone submits their email.
Custom animations
Make the Pop-up form appear in different ways like sliding open or dropping down from the top of the window.
Custom positions
Set any corner position for your Slide-in.
Prevent close dialog on overlay click
Make the Pop-up close only when the user subscribes or clicks the close button, instead of when clicking outside the form or pressing escape.

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