Support and our commitment to you

Thank you for browsing our page and looking at our products. Your add-on should work for you right-out-the-box, there is a lot of work behind to make sure it does. If you have a problem that you can't solve there is no need to worry though, we are here for you. If you bought an add-on you have 30 days of FREE support.

How to get support for Opt-In

Select "Opt-In" on the left, and you will find links to the correct support page. But before you send a support ticket, here are a few things that you should know:

30 days support

Our obligation as we release paid add-ons on concrete5 is to give you support for 30 days. After 30 days everything we do for free is goodwill and shouldn't be expected. If you wish, you can of course pay for our time, like any other business. Forgive us that we mention this to you.

Difference in time

Depending on where you live in the world our timezones may be different and could be asleep when you are facing a problem. No alarm clock goes off when a new support ticket is sent, but in a few hours we'll be doing what we can to help you.

Response times

Sometimes there is more questions, sometimes less. We aren't waiting on purpose, and we hope you have a bit patience. If it's weekend we might have other plans than working. Midweek can be a busy time as well, so please bear with us. We'll try our best and try to always be as quick and helpful as we can.

Support Channels

All support tickets have to go through the concrete5 website. The guys at concrete5 have a great system for that purpose. If you send us a support message from this website we can’t validate that you bought your add-on and have the right to support. Your message won’t be ignored, but we cannot guarantee a reply or we will be brief, redirecting you to the concrete5 website. It's better for both of us.

What's covered and what's not

Support isn't a clearcut word. It can regard installation of the add-on or theme, issues from using any of the packaged features or bug fixes.

Some things we can't support, it's common sense, so we know you'll understand:

  • We do not provide support on how to customize our add-ons and themes
  • We do not provide support when our add-on or theme has been modified
  • We do not support other plugins and themes - we will tell you if we believe they are the cause of your issue.
  • We do not offer support for installation, customization or administration of concrete5 itself.

Customization and Development

If you got an idea where our add-ons or themes have to do something slightly different than the packaged stock version, we might be able to customize or develop this for you. Contact us and we will give you a quotation.

One thing before asking questions

Please ensure that you have looked through the documentation that is available on this website or on concrete5 for the add-on or theme you bought. There you can find coverage of installation and usage, and a F.A.Q that will help you with the basics and a bit more.

And the very last

If you have bought one of our add-ons or themes, thank you! We hope you will enjoy the features and functions. Please review the items on, we want your opinion. And of course, join our mailing list for news regarding add-on/themes updates and conversion information.

For other matters than support, contact us here